The XC series Reach Truck combines a state of the art design with the latest lithium technology to bring about HC’s highest performing Reach Truck on record. The powerful 80-volt lithium battery boasts an incredible 10-hour working time with 2-hour super-fast charging to provide a longer lasting performance, and reduced energy loss. Using market leading CATL Lithium batteries, the XC series Reach Truck ensures maximum lift speeds of 0.81m/s and a maximum travelling speed of 14km/h.

HC XC Series Reach Truck
HC XC Series Reach Truck_2

Greater Control

Multiple heights up to 13 metres can be pre-set on the control screen. The forks can also be set to a maximum lift height. Whenever the fork is about to be lifted to this height, the lifting speed will gradually slow down and the fork will steadily finally stop at this height.

A video camera allows for precise and quick access of extremely high locations. The position of the camera on the forks enables operators to control stacking and retrieval operations efficiently and reliably from their seating position. They no longer must look up, which noticeably reduces strain on their shoulders and neck.

Greater Efficiency

The central positioning of the side shift occurs automatically, eliminating the time-consuming movement of the required position. The automatic horizontal fork positioning significantly simplifies and accelerates pallet entry which boosts performance at higher lift heights.

 Greater Vision

The steering wheel and pedal height can be adjusted electrically for increased driver comfort. A clear view is enabled thanks to panorama roof panel for maximum visibility, whilst the new mast structure and piping arrangement enables a broader vision for stacking operations. The hydraulic tubing and the wires are on both sides of the mast, overlapping with the chain, making full use of the space and reducing the line of sight.

HC XC Series Reach Truck_1