Pramac Electric Stackers

Electric Stackers from Pramac

The Pramac Electric Stacker line offers a wide range of lifting solutions for the warehouse. These are stackers designed for narrow spaces and large warehouses, covering a wide variety of uses from light to heavy duty applications.

RX Series

The most compact electric stackers – the RX machines have a single mast handling loads up to 1,000 Kg and up to 1,600 mm of elevation. Comfortable, safe operations with low maintenance costs.

GX Series

Powerful and reliable, the GX stackers offer the ideal solution for manual handling in confined spaces. The machines feature parts made from cast iron and ABS protection guard.

LX Series

The LX Stacker is a strong and reliable product bridging the gap between light duty and heavy duty materials handling operations. Due to its durability and low maintenance costs the LX is suitable for environments such as logistic centres, terminals, production and manufacturing areas. The new tiller arm is equipped with fork lifting and lowering proportional control which improves user-friendliness and manoeuvrability of the truck.