It’s always been the case, diesel forklift trucks where the only solution for demanding environments

Ideal for builders merchants, lumber yards & saw mills. Taking on all the elements without difficulty, including wind, rain and snow. Until recently, diesel was always the suitable choice when running a forklift comparison.

The tightening emissions standards & rising fuel costs has meant that these businesses are seeking  forklifts that are not powered by fossil fuels. Electric-powered forklifts are growing in popularity amongst merchant businesses, but instead of being powered by inefficient lead-acid batteries, they are powered by Lithium-ion. Since the launch of the EFL series, the demand for lithium electric outdoor forklift trucks has emerged. 

Once you see it, it’s not hard to tell that lithium-electric certainly matches (even exceeds) the performance of a rough terrain diesel forklift, the successful drive concept pioneered by ep equipment  has ensured that high torque output, diesel chassis and pneumatic style tyres remain the same, making them the  ideal  forklift truck for merchant businesses without the need for fossil fuels at all.

The EFL 25 Series

The small but mighty EFL25 is a compact forklift with 2500kg capacity. Ideal for both indoor & outdoor applications. Powered by lithium ion forklift battery, this small forklift can take on rough yards, steep inclines, uneven surfaces and handle exposure to moisture. With pneumatic style tyres, waterproof protected diesel chassis, wide operator compartment and high ground clearance, it is ideal for merchant businesses that require versatility. Due to its compact size, the EFL25 is perfect for warehouses too.

The EFL25 counterbalance comes standard with superfast charger, which means it can be charged within minutes. A dedicated charging room is not required as this compact forklift can be plugged in anywhere, anytime. The lithium-ion forklift battery is maintenance free which means battery topping & acid spills are a thing of the past.

The EFL 30 Series

The larger lithium powered EFL30 has a 3000kg lifting capacity. Maintaining a strong chassis, spacious operator compartment and large pneumatic tyres, we’ve matched the price of a Lithium EFL30  to the average diesel forklift truck price. The Lithium EFL30 counterbalance can outperform it’s diesel predecessor in many ways. Eliminating fuel costs, emissions & hefty breakdown costs, the Lithium EFL30 is proven to reduce operating costs by up to 75%.

The EFL 35 Series

With a 3500KG load capacity, the lithium EFL35 forklift offers great power while saving between 30%-50% energy costs compared to a diesel. The Lithium EFL35 signifies the first electric forklift with performance capabilities that are superior to many diesel equivalents. Powered by a 205AH lithium battery, the EFL35 benefits from a hydraulic breaking system which shortens braking distance, maximizing performance and safety. The EFL35 (just like the rest of the range) has minimal maintenance, with no air filter, oil filter or engine oil or starter battery.

If you’re looking for a diesel forklift truck for a tough working yard, we recommend you trial lithium electric forklift trucks designed for merchant businesses and working yards. Not only are the equally as powerful, they will reduce your fuel & maintenance costs and improve your carbon footprint too.