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Will you look right for the solution?

Some forklift truck dealerships can be very transactional when looking to supply forklift trucks.

Unfortunately, no value can be gained in the sales process when you’re working with someone who just wants you to buy a forklift from them.

Whatever decision you make, you’ll have to be able to stand by it for a long time. The last thing you want is to regret your decision and feel that you could have spent your money better elsewhere—if only you’d spoken to the right people.

Having the right dealership on board who won’t just sell you “a new forklift” makes all the difference. Talking to people that specialise in the equipment they’re selling means you’ll be talking to an expert that knows how to best service your company.

You might be thinking:

“We only want to buy a forklift truck.”

Nevertheless, having a salesperson that doesn’t just sell to you, but consults with you can create real value across all areas of your business.

Identifying your key company objectives and asking searching questions about your business allows us to understand how we can add value, not only to your material handling operation but your entire supply chain—creating more profit.

When considering your next forklift supplier, you can always rely on KPT – Kent Pallet Trucks, we have been delivering Solutions not just forklifts for over 40 years.