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Attention Users Of LPG Forklifts! Watch Out For Low Quality Gas (Low Quality LPG)

We have recently been made aware of an ongoing issue concerning LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) in the UK. Numerous customers have been contacting us regarding starting problems with their LPG forklift trucks.

Below is what we currently know about the problem and what steps to take if you are affected.

Why is this low quality LPG supply occuring?

The root of the issue lies in the poor quality of LPG supplied by liquid gas companies. The problem arises from residues present in the liquid gas, which result in the formation of heavy tar deposits on the relief valve in the LPG regulator/vaporizer. Consequently, the gas-air mixture becomes excessively rich, causing many users to encounter difficulties in starting their LPG forklift trucks or experiencing rough running. In some cases, the issue may also lead to a noticeable gas odour emanating from the forklift due to the relief valve being stuck open.

While this problem is affecting our customers in the UK, it has also been reported in various regions across Europe.

Below are some pictures of a gas unit that is only 4 weeks old and the tar build-up is unusually immense.

How should I take action?

If you own an LPG truck and it fails to start after a few attempts, it is important not to persistently try starting the machine. Continuing to do so poses a safety hazard and can result in significant damage, expensive repairs, and potential harm to the user. Repeated attempts to start the truck can lead to the formation of an explosive gas-air mixture in the engine compartment and its immediate surroundings.

If your LPG forklift trucks refuses to start follow these steps.

  • Refrain from further attempts to start the vehicle.
  • Close the shut-off valve on the gas bottle or tank.
  • Notify us (or your service partner) to request an inspection and, if necessary, repairs.

Any customers experiencing problems can contact us as their first point of contact so that we can assist in resolving the issue. Please feel free to call us on 0800 920 2660 for assistance and additional information, as well as access to our forklift breakdown and repair service.

Furthermore, whenever possible, we strongly urge customers to voice their complaints to their LPG bottle suppliers. It is crucial for safety reasons that gas companies import gas of acceptable quality, and putting pressure on the concerned companies is the most effective way to drive change and prevent users from incurring costly repairs.

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